Nitropad - no PIN left

Is there an alternative to Factory reset if you are locked out of the system? If I need to do Factory reset, is there any guidance for beginners, as the one System update - Nitrokey Documentation?

There will follow a explanation of the factory reset function. There is none yet, I am afraid.

If you are locked out of system you are probably referring to the operation system (OS). In this case a reinstallation of the OS is necessary, I am sorry. Afterwards you might have to go throught similar steps needed after a system update, but maybe you need to reconfigure the BIOS as well, if the OS was overwriting the /boot partition.

I cannot run the default boot. So before I can reinstall the OS, I need to boot, and as I missed my chance with signing in all files, I first need to know what’s the best way to boot - for the OP itself, I suppose that I can download the Image from Github on USB? And in this case the OS should not overwrite the /boot partition, should it? -
From my questions it should be obvious that I am at a complete loss, when I look at the other questions in the forum, I am wondering how any journalist without an IT background is able to cope without any more than basic IT knowlegte. When I look for information, I can either find information which I do not understand, or no information at all - so I tried to find Info about the option “Ignore tampering and force a boot (Unsafe!)”, but I did not manage.

If you know about any resources which can help me to understand what I need to do, I will be happy to learn all I can learn by myself.

I am sorry for the late response.

Honestly, I do not understand in which state you are exactly, because there are missing vital information. What are you seeing when starting the device? What do you expect to happen? etc.

I do not think that you need to reinstall the OS. But you might need to reset the Heads BIOS. But beforehand, I guess you want to try the troubleshooting advice at the bootom of the link as it sounds like you only need to re-sign the files that got updated by a system update.