NitroPad + own X230S

I own an old beloved X230 with installed Debian 10. But in the meantime the keyboard has problems, the battery is worn out, and the fan is loud.
I also always wanted to secure it by overwriting ME, install coreboot and use a WiFi with free drivers.
I came across the NitroPad and have the idea to buy the basic one and swap the better CPU, RAM, SSD, IPS Display from the old one to the NitroPad.

Is this possible?
Do I have to change Coreboot / Heads after the hardware change?
Can I use my already installed Debian on my SSD or do I have to reinstall it?
Is the keyboard / fan / battery on the NitroPad new?

Thank you for your great work!

Hey @holri

in general this should be possible, coreboot mainly depends on the platform (i.e., mainboard) and should work fine as long as you don’t change the chipset (which is not so easy, and actually means you change the laptop :slight_smile: ). This being said, we do not have much experience with the x230s so you will be mostly on your own here. My feeling is that changing CPU, RAM, SSD should be fine, the display could make problems as if it does not match with the x230s the early bios vga-init might not work, but just guessing here.

Debian does not care about CPU, RAM and stuff, thus there should be no need for a re-installation (if you had Heads running before), we also provide an easy iso image for re-installation, also for Debian: Operating System Reinstallation — Nitrokey Documentation

The Nitropad’s keyboard/fan/battery are tested and replaced if in bad condition, means of course the Nitropad is a refurbished device, although we take care that it is in a good condition also replacing these parts if necessary.


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