[Nitropad x230] Nitrokey remains red

Nitrokey has not turned green for a few weeks.
Are there any tools to investigate this issue?

Hi @double !

We do not have automatic tools, but I can guide you through checks, gradually testing connection and functionality.

Could you elaborate:

  • which model;
  • which OS name and version;
  • when the behavior happens (e.g. just after insertion);
  • have you tested it on another PC?

Sorry - you are right:
X230 (Nitropad) with Ubuntu 20.04
Is it possible to get hash-digest (and post it here)?

Thank you. I am sorry, but I still do not get what the problem is. Can you make a picture and send it to support@nitrokey.com? Alternatively you can post it here, but please make sure to remove EXIF data to preserve privacy.
Can you elaborate, which component hash would you like to get?