NK Storage and ghost files Ubuntu


So I finally received my NK storage. Got primarily for the storage functionality (I rely on Yubikey for the rest, until I fix this)
Besides having lots of small bugs I run to every time, like a volume doesn’t mount, or only in read-only mode, I now how a more serious issue. Don’t know if something is wrong with my ubuntu, NK or me

So, no matter which type of volume I use (normal, encrypted or hidden), If I write and then delete files, they remain hidden and I have no idea how to wipe it. I can no longer write anything to it…
Nothing is in the trash bin, nothing is hidden (I mean the option of revealing hidden files in file manager)
Tried reformating, deleting encrypted data and doing it all over again.

It works fine in windows, though.

Any thoughts would be welcome

Hi! Please check if you have the latest firmware 0.48 installed and kindly update otherwise. Please let me know.