OpenPGP with nitrokey 3A NFC?


I have bought a nitrokey 3A NFC that I am willing to use mostly as an OpenPGP card.
I have updated the firmware to 1.4.0.
As far as I can tell, everything looks fine:

$ nitropy nk3 status
Command line tool to interact with Nitrokey devices 0.4.37
UUID:               2F0768CE4A81155AB3F392FAA5D50EDB
Firmware version:   v1.4.0
Init status:        ok
Free blocks (int):  49
Free blocks (ext):  472
Variant:            LPC55

But gnupg fails to detect it:

$ gpg --card-status 
gpg: selecting card failed: No such device
gpg: OpenPGP card not available: No such device

Note that gnupg works fine with other cards that I own.

Isn’t my nitrokey 3A NFC supposed to support the OpenPGP card feature with firmware 1.4.0?
If it is, any idea what I may be missing?

I finally found out that the problem was that my system’s libccid was too old. libccid 1.5 or higher is required. After updating, gnupg can use my Nitrokey!