Pin entry fails using Poldi/Pam authentication

Hi there,

I tried to get the Nitrokey PAM-Login working as described on these pages: … psmartcard

In general, my configuration seems to be ok. Signing or decrypting files using the Nitrokey opens a prompt for the user pin as expected.
But starting poldi by issuing the test command pam-test-poldi system-auth-poldi, the pin entry doesnt seem to react to my input:

scdaemon[6521]: updating reader 0 (0) status: 0x0000->0x0007 (0->1) Waiting for card... Trying authentication as user `USER'... scdaemon[6521]: DBG: asking for PIN '||Please enter the PIN' Please enter the PIN Please enter the PIN Please enter the PINscdaemon[6521]: SIGINT received - immediate shutdown scdaemon[6521]: scdaemon (GnuPG) 2.1.15 stopped
As you can see, the smartcard is recognized but after that, the pin entry is unresponsive.

A more verbose output of scdaemon delivers an endless loop of the following lines without any user interaction:

Please enter the PINscdaemon[8173]: DBG: enter: apdu_get_status: slot=0 hang=0 scdaemon[8173]: DBG: leave: apdu_get_status => sw=0x0 status=7 changecnt=1 scdaemon[8173]: DBG: enter: apdu_get_status: slot=0 hang=0

Has anyone a suggestion, what I could try to further analyze or solve the problem?

Thanks in advance! :unamused:

Ok, I solved it. In case anyone encounters a similar problem: poldi (version 0.4.1) or scdaemon (v.2.1.15) doesn’t support pins with non-numeric characters.