PKCS#11 driver by Peter Koch: IMPORTANT

Hello, everybody.

As some of you may have noticed, PKCS#11 driver v1.47 by Dr. Peter Koch has stopped working with X.509 certificates, displaying “No valid license for card…” dialog ( It turns out that is has some sort of embedded “license”, valid for OpenPGP/Cryptostick cards only for a year. The author released a new version of the driver, v1.54, which can be downloaded from his homepage It’s valid through Feb, 2014.

  • For those, who keep their TrueCrypt keyfiles on the Cryptostick: if the latest driver can’t find your existing token keyfile (mine was in “token://slot/2/file/Private Data Object 3” with v1.47) then you have to clear “Default keyfiles…” list first (see Truecrypt options), then add your token keyfile again (mine became “token://slot/1/file/Private Data Object 3” with v1.54).

Thanks for the information. To elaborate, the reason why Peter’s driver is valid for a limited period is that the driver is bug-fixed regularly and Peter wants to prevent old and outdated drivers still being used.