Possible Bug - macOS 10.12.5 /Nitro App 1.x

I just wanted under Konfiguration ==> OTP and Password Safe unlock the Safe by pressing the button. And I have three observations:
a) it’s not possible
b) when I enter a wrong User Pin, the counter decrease from 3 - 2
c) when I enter the right User Pin, the counter increases again from 2 to 3 , but I receive the dialog box “Wrong User Password”

I also tried to reset the User password to 123456, which worked in the “Change User Pin”. When I then try to unlock the Password Safe, I receive in addition a dialog telling me, that I am using the standard pin and should change that soon ( and of course it was again “Wrong User Password” )

So I am locked out ?! What can I do ?

[Update] After I did the Init process, it looks like it works. So I would suggest to disable that menu entry until the key has done the init.


Thank you for the report. This looks like the UI issue - it is not informing about undergoing process of generating AES keys (which is done during the device initialization) and instead shows Wrong User Password instead of the real reason. If you have had the possibility of unlocking the PWS on uninitialized device then this is another UI issue - could you:

  1. Describe the device state and model?
  2. Was this after factory reset?
  3. How have you tried to unlock the PWS? Was it from tray menu or from Configuration window?

The 123456 PIN is a default for a new device and Application is just reminding the user about that.

Uhh, this was now a while ago. Let’s see if I could remember enough to answer your questions:

  1. Device was NOT initialized , model is NK Storage with 16GB SD
  2. Hmm, sorry that I don’t remember exactly, but I guess it was after the factory reset.
  3. In the tray menu under in the sub-menu configuration , the first list entry. The other (with the Safe Icon) was not visible

So you don’t have a flag, that the user has changed his pin regardless whether the pin is similar to the standard pin. Interesting ! So you compare the Pins again the standard pin’s …

That is enough, thank you!

I do not see what advantage would have such flag over mentioned comparing. Is there any? Besides the possibility of using the default PIN of course.

I would see the advantage of a “dirty” bit flag, that you only need one bit to store this type of status. Otherwise you would need to store all passwords (6 chrs for User, 8 chrs for Admin, 8 chrs for firmware) to do the comparison , just to find out that the pin are the same ( you don’t know, if they have been set to the default value with a certain reason )

So you would only need a nibble to store if the password has been changed. In a Mikrocontroler that could make a difference. Now, saying that I have not reviewed the FW source to check how you have implemented it.

Overall I was just wondering that you recognize my password as THE default one - not a serious issue