Problems configuring Default boot

I have successfully installed a new OS (Ubuntu) on my NItroPad and successfully reset my NitroKey.

When I start the NitroPad and I get to Heads Boot Menu, everything looks OK: HOTP: Success.

However, when I select “Default boot” I get the following message: “No Default Boot Option Configured - Would you like to load a menu of boot options? Otherwise you will return to the main menu”.

I click “Yes” but I get back where I started, i.e. the Heads Boot Menu.

Based on this page of Nitrokey Documentation ( Default Boot - Nitrokey Documentation ) I then selected “Options” and then “Update Checksums and sign all files in /Boot”.

However, when I get on with the process, I get the following message: “Got error ‘Bad counter handle’ (0x45) from TPM_IncrementCounter - Counter increment failed - Failed to sign default config: press Enter to continue.”

This brings me back again where I started, i.e. Heads Boot Menu.

In short, I don’t manage to configure Default boot: I can access Ubuntu only by selecting “Ignore tampering”.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Did you use the OEM Ubuntu Image . There is a problem with the Ubuntu installer that detects falsely that it can do a efi only install. There the boot partion is not existing. Heads needs this to “find” the default boot. The TPM error you described is maybe connected to that.