Proposal Document Change : pkcs11_engine in OpenSC

In your section " * ## PKI / Certificate Authority (CA)" you point to the pkcs11_engine for certificates with a very generic link to the OpenSC page on git.
I have my doubt that the engine is still part of that source - so it will not be installed when you build OpenSC.

Instead it seems you have to build Libp11 which includes the engine. So you might want to update your documentation - when I am right :smiley:

PS: Oh, and FreeBSD User need to change the paths given in the description as the engine is installed in a different path


On top of that the seems to not work anymore. We should update this doc section indeed. My guess is, that it was created on Debian, and perhaps there Libp11 installed automatically with the OpenSC. I do not remember we have ever tested these on the FreeBSD, but will happily use your experience :slight_smile: .