QubesOS Nitrokey App Scaling Issue

The Nitrokey App doesn’t work on QubesOS? The scaling of the application is incorrect. It cuts off the bottom (where the ‘save’ and ‘cancel’ buttons are) as a result making it almost impossible to make a TOTP or add something to the Password Safe!

Please can this be fixed, or is there already a way to fix this?

Kind regards,
~ twilight sapphire

Hi @twilightsapphire !

Sorry for the inconvenience. This is a known problem and it should be fixed this week.

The scaling problem is not fixed yet? I have this issue still in both Qubes and Ubuntu. Is there a workaround?

Please use AppImage binary from following page:

This is a single file executable. To use it, it needs to have executable attribute set. Debian package should be uploaded in the coming days, after tests.

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