Question regarding nitropad

If the operating system is changed to one other than ubuntu, qubes os or debian does the system refuse to boot?
And also, if so, can heads be trained to detect the new operating system as being normal.
Let me know.
Also, can I get locked out if I reinstall a new operating system on the nitropad?

Just wondering for when I get my product.

Would be cool to have a guide for alternative operating systems.

Even unsupported ones. (Linux or BSD wise I mean)

Hi @bezel !

  1. Regular OS image might not start due to not being supported by Heads, or rather the OS will not support Heads. Saying that, most of the Linux should work after some corrections, as Heads claim.
    From the user reports I remember, that MS Windows 10 and some multiboots might not work.
  2. There is no lock-in at all, as long as both Heads and selected OS are working. Companion Nitrokey can be reset to factory-setting any time, and the Measured Boot feature test pass is not required to start the NitroPad and boot the OS - this is purely informational, and the decision to use the PC is left to user.
  3. Which alternative OS you would be interested in? Or would you like rather a general adjusting guide?

Connected: Nitropad/Heads for BSD?

There are two actually, one is called Hyperbola GNU/Linux-Libre.
The other won’t be around till maybe 2024+ That one is called HyperbolaBSD, I talked to some people from the heads github place, but they say that such a thing will never happen with BSD. I am curious, if its because the BSD people are stubborn, or, if its just plain impossible.
My point being, is it possible if the devs of HyperbolaBSD upgrade to a newer cryptsetup or do certain things, that it could work to boot that from heads.

This is the issue I was thinking of btw:

Btw, not a windows guy… :wink:

From the sounds of things though, it sounds like the current Hyperbola will work on it. :slight_smile:

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