Recycling Strategy available?

As you now start to release the next generations of your hardware, how about the recycling of the first generation ?
I assume a “small” upgrade e.g. changing cards and/or firmware to a 1.5 Version is not possible ?
But throwing it into the normal waste is also not allowed ( as you have correct printed on the housing). So do you buy them back ? :smiley:

We don’t buy old devices back.

LOL - I really was not expecting that , but do you take them back ? Do you have a way to recycle them ?

You could return old devices to us at anytime. It would probably end as a photo model or test device or something like that. Make sure you reset the device and delete all your data before shipping it to us.

Hey, today two NK keys arrived in a completely paper wrapped envelop - no plastics ! Excellent ! I think this is also part of your recycling strategy you could mention. Thanks for taking care also on such minor things !

I’m glad you noticed and appreciated it. :slight_smile:

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