Regarding the computers beyond gen 5,

I recall hearing that coreboot and intel me being disabled, still leaves a problem even if you can find hardware compatible with it.

Aka, FSP is a huge blob supposedly, that is insecure like alot.

I was wondering, if there are any other blobs that would prevent a libre OS from using most things without remote blobs for either the NitroPC or the NitroWall or NitroBox for that matter. This would normally be basically be added to a non-nitrokeys category, if there was one, because it has nothing to do with USBs…


Anyways though, wondering if you can answer this question and also tell me if its possible to replace the wifi card if anyone is strange enough to want the ath9k.

--------------------> Me


Probably not though to be clear, I do want to migrate away from x86.

That being said, there may be others like myself who wonder this.

Also, I think sound usually requires something too, etc…