Repeatedly choosing proper HOTP ... How?

I am trying to configure Nitrokey with Keepass2 on Ubuntu 19.04.

The docs say “Insert HOTP codes by repeatedly choosing proper HOTP slot from the Nitrokey App …”

How to choose proper HOTP slot? From within the app? From Ubuntu-tray icon? I cannot see the name of my configured slot anywhere. How can I be sure the slot is configured properly?

Thank you!

Hi! Sorry for delay.

The HOTP secret has to be shared between the Keepass2, and the Nitrokey device.
After the code generation, and HOTP slot configuration in the Nitrokey App, its name should appear in the tray icon. Please select it the required number of times to get proper number of the HOTP codes required for unlocking the Keepass2 database.

In case the HOTP slot name is not shown in the tray menu, it might not be saved to the device. Please repeat the procedure.