Replacing a Nitrokey Pro by a Nitrokey Storage?

I received this week the Nitropad with Qubes installed I ordered, and so far I am very happy with it.
I however wonder this: if I wanted to replace the Nitrokey Pro provided with it by a Nitrokey Storage, would it be possible ? In other words, is there a way to transfer all the keys stored on my NK Pro to a NK Storage ?

Thanks in advance, and congrats for the fantastic work you are doing :slight_smile:

From the comparison page it seems the NK storage can deal with the same kind and number of keys than the NK pro.
But, unless you defined your present NK root outside the key before storing it inside, there is no way to export the root from a key itself. For the other keys, I don’t know…

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Thanks for your feedback.
That’s what I was thinking about the root, but being unsure, I decided to ask for confirmation.

With HSM, you couildl backup your keys even when they have been created inside the NK HSM. But that key is not direct comparable with the NK Pro. But I start like the idea to use a HSM for multiple ID’s