See you on Mastodon, please!

Hey to the marketing team of Nitrokey,
it would be great to see you on Mastodon, too. You are on Twitter and so on, but not on a real nice, open-source and federated alternative social network called Mastodon.

More info here:

BTW, also your partner Purism is on Mastodon.

Why not Diaspora? Open and federated too…


actually, we are considering this step… Stay tuned :smile:

Kind regards

We do have a Diaspora account and use it actively. Please follow us.


That seems to be a Diaspora instance. Also the link is a mail address and you cannot easily guess the URL, so I I cannot confirm it, but I doubt this is an official account.

Yeah, I should have probably said Fediverse. I would not recommend Diaspora right now though, as it does not support the ActivityPub protocol, the standardized protocol for such things.

Here is our brand new Mastodon account and the corrected Diaspora account.