[Solved] Nitrokey OTP's not Working

Problem: OTPs don’t work, password manager and ssh login does
Solution: Reset Nitrokey Time. The only way I know how to do this is to plug it into a different computer and hope the dialogue box pops up asking if you want to reset the time. One may be able to re-sync with the time server but this is not tested.

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Thank you for publishing the Q/A! I believe though the situation might be a bit different.
The ‘reset-time’ warning is showing, when the last used time on the device is after the currently used (that is for the saved used times, instead of {t0,t1}, there is {t1,t0}), which suggests some usage with invalid host clock settings.
The Nitrokey device does not have battery, and thus is not able to keep the time by itself. Before every TOTP request the device is synchronized with the time from the host. What might have happened here, is that the difference in time between your host and the server was bigger enough, than the TOTP code validity period (which is most time 30 seconds). For TOTP usage it is best to keep own host synchronized with networks NTP server.

@szszszsz Thank you, excuse my ignorance, that makes much more sense! My computer changes time zones when dual booting for some reason unbeknownst to be me but I believe that is a question for duckduckgo.

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