Some basic questions about Nitrokey (3)

Hey there!
I’m new to the topic of security keys, but have some skills in IT in general. I just thought, it is time to get into this topic and bought a nitrokey 3 just to play around with it, to understand the funcionality.

So far so good, I made 2FA in Facebook, in manual wordpress installations (with an extra plugin), made a PIN via chrome. Now some basic questions:

  1. Can I set PIN just in chrome (or windows) or is there any possibility just to set PIN on the nitrokey (f.ex. in linux)?
  2. How can I check the firmware version?
  3. If I already made some 2FA and then update the Key without backup. Will the registered site (f.e. Facebook) never let me in again?
  4. How can I make a backup of the nitrokey with another nitrokey and can I by any cheaper version of nitrokey just to have it as the backup of my nitrokey3 (f. ex. nitrokey FIDO2)?
  5. the possibility to store email encryption keys will be possible in the future, isnt it? As I understand it will be the openPGP card for such feature and it will also support SSH keys, isn’t it? Will it also support pfx-files?
  6. Is there any timeline for the planned features?
  7. I’ve found not so many sites which support such keys. Is there just shows some of them, but is these are websites. What about software which support such keys? For example is there some FTP client with such function or other apps?
  8. what can I do with this key on the android?