Three-dimensional topology obfuscation in NK HSM2 and/or PRO2?


Some chip designs (for example a chip inside Aladdin JaCarta 2) secure against physical penetration into them are described like:

Active hardware protection against reading areas RAM, EEPROM, ROM; the use of additional intermediate metallization layers; mixing the structure of functional blocks of the microcontroller, placing individual blocks inside the chip and between its layers; advanced safety sensors; control of clock frequency, temperature, supply voltage; light sensors; active shielding; an inlet filter for surge protection; enable and disable reset; memory control unit; the ability to disable reading ROM; the ability to disable the execution of the code written in RAM; protection system against the accumulation of statistical data on command execution time and power consumption; specialized mechanisms for countering attacks of simple analysis of energy consumption; specialized mechanisms to counteract differential power analysis attacks

Please let me know, do you have protections like mentioned above in your NK HSM2 and/or NK PRO2 ?

Most likely JaCarta uses NXP chip too :slight_smile:

Yes. We use NXP smart cards and those have similar protection measures.

See chapter in the Security Target for details on the chip used for the SmartCard-HSM / HSM2