TOTP / HOTP not working on NK Storage 32gb

Hello, my nitrokey storage 32GB isn’t saving OTP’s when I create them. I actually was able to save them on there before, but now they are gone and none of the slots are editable. When I go to save a key nothing is saved. I’ve experienced this issue on a fedora 30 via Qubes, and a fresh install of manjaro.

The only thing I’ve done with the key so far is update it to the newest firmware, add keys, some files, and a couple passwords to it (Saving passwords works just fine).

Anyone have any idea what the issue might be?


Sorry for the trouble. Latest Storage firmware (v0.54) requires Nitrokey App v1.4 to fully operate. Otherwise writing OTP slots (as you have experienced) will not work (but reading does).

You can download it from here:

Great! Thanks. Is there an estimate for when this will be pushed to the fedora repos?

Hey, the Fedora maintainer is quite fast to my perception, but in general we have no real influence on that and this depends highly on the distribution. We have no estimation, I am sorry.

You may use the AppImage we provide until it is pushed.