Trouble setting up gpg with nitrokey for windows

I have a brand new nitrokey. I set it up using linux, installing 3 keys (auth, sign, enc).

Now I am trying to use the stick under windows 10. I plug the stick in and the nitrokey app tells me that is is connected. But when I do:

>gpg2 --card-status

I get:

gpg: selecting openpgp failed: Card not present
gpg: OpenPGP card not available: Card not present

What can I do?


did you initialise the key using gnupg or opensc?


Note that a Nitrokey initialized with OpenSC doesn’t work with GnuPG/OpenPGP. But the other way around works fine. If you want to use Nitrokey with both GnuPG and PKCS#11, generate the keys with GnuPG.

I did not have to do anything special other than installing gpg4win to have my nitrokey recognised on Windows 10.

I habe initlized it with gpg2 on linux

Hi @Nathan_Husken !

How have you installed gpg on windows? Was it with gpg4win or in some other way?

Which Nitrokey model do you use? Do you have Windows 10 Creators Update installed?

Thanks for all the effort!

It is a nitrokey pro.
My windows 10 version is 1703, as far as I know this means, that creator update is installed.

Please share the way the GPG was installed on you system.

Ah, sorry. Yes, it was gpg4win.

  1. I have not used gpg4win suite too much, but I remember it has some GUI applications with it. Have Kleopatra or some other application from the suite recognized the device?
  2. Was your installation ‘Full/Complete’? Maybe you have not installed the scdaemon part (or similar responsible for communication with smartcards).

Perhaps this issue is related to the Windows 10 Creators Update issue. Note, this issue is reported for a Nitrokey Pro while the original issue happens for Nitrokey Storage.

@karthanistyr Could you post your Windows 10 build version?

Ich found it!
Ich needed to diasable other security devices in the devices Manager. Now it Works.

Thanks for the help!

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If that’s still of interest:

I’m also using a Win10 Pro 1703 (Creators) but I don’t have any other “security devices” running at the same time, unlike @Nathan_Husken

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