Trying to order a set of nitrokeys

I keep getting an error during payment. I am trying to pay with a credit card and see the following message:

“Communication with PSP failed”

Looking in the console, it seems there are some issues with the Content Security Policy. It tries to load a bunch of external scripts, like on and which are getting blocked due to this.

The problem occurs on a debian buster system with the default Firefox 60.7.2esr. Hope you can help me so I can order more nitrokeys.

The issue is fixed now. Please try again.

That’s great! Unfortunately, it still doesn’t work, in the console I know see ‘Transaction declined - please contact your merchant (102)’.

This I’ll probably have to figure out by calling them. Just wanted to let you know, the interface only shows “unknown error”, which isn’t very user-friendly at all.

Thanks for the feedback. That error message isn’t technical but your credit card isn’t accepted. We can’t do anything about that. Sometimes (corporate) credit cards are blocked to be used abroad. In that case you would need to allow that through your bank. If that’s not the case for you, I suggest to use PayPal, Bitcoin or wire transfer instead.

I get it - that’s why I also say I’ll call my credit-card company about it. They sometimes do this, when they somehow think the transaction is “fishy”.

My point was that the exact error isn’t shown in the browser, I had to open my developer console to see it. The website just shows “unknown error”. It’d be much better if it showed “transaction declined”.

Noted your feedback regarding error message. Will check…