Unable to access parameters of the NitrokeyApp (Qubes)

I use a Nitropad and Nitrokey Storage. My goal is to change the user pin of the Nitrokey Storage. Hence I installed the NitroApp into the Fedora template of Qubes OS as explained into the docs.Now, I can start the NitroApp from the Fedora template, but the problem is the NitroApp does not see the Nitrokey Storage as connected. If I click on the app icon in the tray bar, it actually displays “Nitrokey is not connected!”
I tried all the usbs, it did not change anything. How to solve this issue?
Thanks for your help.


Did you attach the usb devices of the nitrokey to the app qube you are using? Do you have a sys-usb qube? If yes please start the nitrokey app inside the sys-usb qube. This way you would not need to attach the nitrokey devices to the different qubes every time.

Sorry for my late reply. Thanks very much for your help!