Unable to get Nitrokey app working

Hello, I got the device and I’m trying to follow the instructions at:


I am stuck at step two, as I cannot start the app on my Windows desktop. Any attempts to start the app are terminated with the message:

Warning: Encrypted volume is not secure, Select “initialize device” option from context menu.

What should I do?


please note, that the App is starting in background. That is to say it starts in system tray. So please have look there and try to right click on the icon.


I tried to update the documentation accordingly.

The message you got is a warning, that the first thing you may want to do is the initialization of your storage. Please right click on the icon and click on “initialize device” to do so.

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@nitroalex Could this be more precise to avoid similar confusion? Perhaps changing this to:

Warning: Encrypted volume is not secure - select “initialize device” option from tray context menu.
You can find application’s tray icon in system tray in the right down corner of your screen (Windows) or in upper right (Linux, MacOS).

Sounds good to me.

There is a window on first usage, telling, that the App will start as icon in tray bar. Maybe it should get the same second sentence as well, now that we are working on it anyway?

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Registered as https://github.com/Nitrokey/nitrokey-app/issues/331