Unable to Initialize NitroKey HSM


I thought I was plugging in my NitroKey HSM for the first time and initializing it, however when I run the following command:

sc-hsm-tool --initialize --so-pin 3537363231383830 --pin 648219 --dkek-shares 1 --label mytoken

I receive the following message:

sc_card_ctl(*, SC_CARDCTL_SC_HSM_INITIALIZE, *) failed with PIN code or key incorrect

I am attempting to use the device with a virtualized Ubuntu 18.04 server (host is running VMWare Fusion).

Is there anyway to factory reset the device? I am down to 9 remaining SO logins.

Looking through other articles and opensc, it appears I have effectively bricked this NitroKey HSM. I must have played with it earlier in the year and changed the so-pin, not sure why I would have done that without keeping a record.

Have you also tested pkcs11-tool --init-token to reset the token ?