Unable to restore backup

Hi there,
My Nextbox was working fine for approx 6 months (with dedyn and several devices synced), but then all of a sudden it was not accessible anymore. After a few power cycles, I decided to reset the Nextbox and restore the backup made a few days earlier.

The reset works fine, I can access the web interface locally, but when I try to restore the backup it gets stuck and I can’t access it anymore (it’s like the Nextbox is rebooting in the middle of the process and only a part of the files are moved back). I tried the process several times, it seems it gets stuck at different times (sometimes the percentages increase, sometimes not).

I have ssh access and the external drive seems fine, is there a way I can restore the whole thing with ssh commands?

So after further investigations, it seems that my internet provider charges an additional 2€ to have a public IP address, and they somehow decided last week (after 4 years without trouble) to give me a private IP instead of a public one!!

Hope this feedback can be useful to other people here…