Which Linux Login Managers support entering PIN?

I setup my NitroKey Pro in Linux (GalliumOS 2.0) and can login via the shell.
However, I am not able to login via the graphical login manager (GalliumOS uses LXDM). After I enter my username and a wrong password (why should I enter that one?), LXDM freezes and I cannot do anything. I suspect this is because I should enter my User PIN somewhere, but LXDM does not have a window for that. So, it just waits until a PIN is entered (which is not possible).

There are a lot of other Login Managers (LightDM, GDM for example). Do you guys know which Login Manager supports entering a PIN? (Or just supports login in via a GPG card, it is possible there is another problem).

I installed LightDM and then it works fine.