A Letter to Nitrokey Corporation

Nitrokey Corporation:
Hello! I don’t know if there are founders of your company who are often active in this forum. To be honest, I have been watching you grow for many years, but as a loyal fan of your company, I still have to say something, because Sheep will have a better development for your company.

  1. It is indeed not easy for your company to come to the present, but why there is no timely reply to customers about some things. I mean whether the development of the company and the launch of various products are announced in a timely manner? For example, I learned that Nitrophone3pro will be sold a long time ago, but do you know? What customers need is a version above 256g to meet their needs, but some netizens here keep asking these core questions why they can’t be used on mobile phones with large memory, and the final answer fools us.
  2. Why are the e-mails of Jan Suhr and Rudolf Böddeker not made public?
  3. Can you provide private customization?

As already stated in the other thread where we’ve discussed the storage limitation: just buy a Google Pixel with the amount of storage you need and install Grapheneos yourself.
It’s very easy and gives you what the nitrophone essentially is (a pixel with pre installed grapheneos)

It also saves you some money as well as the need to discuss that with nitrokey management

Hey @Yang,

We are sorry, that our product portfolio does not fit your needs. Please understand that there are many factors that decide on whether a certain product will find its way into our portfolio. I’ll take your message as a request, although as you might imagine I cannot promise that we can offer the other variants.

There is no added value in publishing internal e-mails of a private company. If you have specific questions feel free to ask us directly: Contact | Nitrokey

Nope, generally we don’t do individual customization of products for smaller (single item) orders. This wouldn’t be commercially attractive for any of both parties. For business customers and higher volumes the story is clearly different.


So let me ask a question, is there any difference between the nitrophone you sell and the Google phone that customers buy and then brush to GrapheneOS? If there is a difference, please show your advantages? If there is no difference, then the customer can buy the Google phone and brush it by themselves, don’t you think so?

here a (deepl translated) statement from NK from this blog post:

Submitted by meissner on 2. September 2021 - 22:00
In fact, this is primarily a pre-installed device, this seems easy for those in the know, but not for everyone. The goal, as with all Nitrokey products, is to provide easy access for everyone to secure hardware and software. In addition, we would like to expand our “ecosystem” (Nitrokeys, NitroPad, NextBox,…) with a smartphone. We are of course aware that (just because it’s OpenSource) anyone can build such a device themselves (applies to Nitropad and NextBox as well, by the way). In addition, we offer the removal of the microphone and sensors if needed.

so if you’re able to install GrapheneOS yourself then there is no added value for you in buying a Nitrophone. In case you don’t want to do it yourself or unable to do so, then the Nitrophone would be an option for you.

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Why not just add a micro sd card with that amount of memory? 500GB+

Or does it need to directly be on the OS itself?