Actual cost of shipping to central US

I hope someone in the US has recently purchased an item from Nitro Key, and can tell me the actual costs of shipping. I am inexperienced in buying from Europe.

I am always short of money. (Like everyone else) and wanted to purchase a Nitro Pad. I was hoping to talk to someone who could explain the actual costs (shipping, VAT, US Tariff) and of course plus the cost of buying the device. If I buy a minimal device with upgrades to WiFi, IPS screen. I end up with a price of 757.00 €

I would rather not physically open it, but I guess I would to Install more memory. Then I am responsible for updating Heads.

If I later try to buy the additional - keep others from seeing-- screen, I am unsure whether that is install inside the laptop front, or popped on from the outside. But would forego on the initial purchase.

Also, I am not clear whether I would want to upgrade the NitroKey with the initial order, what do I get besides allowing me additional Passwords, and perhaps other space on NitroKey.

I live in the central US, think Chicago in terms of distance (I don’t actually live in Chicago) but about half way across the US.

Thanks for any advice.

Hi @catacombs !
Sorry for the delay.

  1. I think it would be the fastest to write to regarding the shipping costs.
  2. I will remind support team about your technical questions. You might try to send them again over to, linking to this page, to get faster response.

Nitrokey shopping did, before I posted this-- offered a response, which sounds correct to me.

They can tell me the price of what I order.

I finally tried to look for more answers by duckduckgo.

I understand I am to pay a VAT of 8 percent of sales price. Got that understood.

Shipping by UPS, requires I inflict on you a story. Some years ago I was going to gift my used Sleep Apnea machine to a college student in Canada whose province did pay for such. Canadian Law is clear, Medical devices are not subject to duty or taxes. I mistakenly sent it by way of UPS. UPS cleverly provides its own Customs service, surely under the supervision of Canadian authorities. The fellow I sent the device to, had to pay over a hundred dollars for the UPS Customs Fees. If I had shipped the used sleep apnea machine by way of United States Postal Service, it would have been free.

UPS customs likely wants to collect both a Fee for the US government. And a basic fee for the use of their Customs division.

There is no way that Nitro Key can know of what the US government, and corporate UPS is up to.

I would say, that the United State Postal Service, which used to be a part of the US government, and is now -sorta private, sorta supervised by the government, is unreliable, untrustworthy, and I would not want to receive any package through them at all.

Although many of the USPS workers are really good people.

I just thought someone in US might have bought from you, and lived a similar distance inside US, who could tell me what they paid.

I did go through the UPS form to see what it said.

My problem of finding enough money to buy a basic model of the Nitropad X230 (and like everyone I would prefer to buy all the options) given that I am on US Social Security (old age pension.) I have to mooch just to get through the month.

In another sense my acquiring the laptop is not so important, I really have no specific purpose for that kind of security.

When I put together the basic seven eight hundred US dollars. I will email UPS, and it is their extra fees --being surprised upon me unknown is what I fear.

Thank you for replying.