Administrative PIN locked


By mistake I entered the administrative PIN wrong three times, and now it is blocked.
I know the administrative PIN and I know the user PIN.
Is there a way to make the token fully usable again?
It is a nitrokey PRO, V 2.1.

Thank you, Gutux … a-nitrokey

i have the same problem on NitroKey Start, but the reset procedure didn’t work.
The CryptoStickReset tells me “Invalid card type”, and the reset file method tells me it’s OK but the situation doesn’t change.

I have now 0 pin retry count on Pin and on Admin PIN, and 3 count on puk.
I’m using NitroKey Start, GnuPG 2.0.30, Windows 7 (no smartcard drivers found).

Is it now totally disabled?

For Nitrokey Start you would need to define a reset code or a public key for firmware updates beforehand. Otherwise the device can’t be reset.
Reset code: … reset-code
Firmware updates: … e-upgrade/

Ok, thanks

Hello, having the same problem with Nitrokey Start. Unfortunately I did not set reset PIN beforehand. Is there any other way to reset the stick to factory setting? Or does this mean the stick is trash now? Want to add that the Enigmail GUI throw some errors in the Admin PIN change procedure and thus it is not totally my fault…

Unfortunately there is no way to reset the Nitrokey Start without a public key. You can send us the device back and we send you a replacement.