Advice on which system to adopt please

I am seeking advice on the best system to use to enable authorised staff to make a contactless log in to a windows computer but will not allow unauthorised staff to access the system when authorised staff move away.

The environment; a restaurant. The system is for hospitality staff making and viewing table reservations.

I am thinking NFC or RFID. Is there a Nitrokey solution available and which can be recommended?

Grateful for help and relevant examples from experience if appropriate please.

Hi @Budgie2 !

We do not have a NFC model at this point yet, but we should release the Nitrokey 3 in the coming months which will have it. There you should be able to use FIDO2 AD-based login, like explained in the following articles:

Hi and many thanks for your reply. Whilst waiting for your deliveries, is there another device which you have in stock which can be used for contactless sign in? For example is there a USB device which would work with a phone app. I am not yet sure about NFC and if there are range limitations but a smartcard device working with a USB dongle would be OK. What are the options. Sorry if my questions are ill informed but this subject is moving faster than my learning speed.

Sure! No problem at all.
Nitrokey 3 NFC is unfortunately the only contactless product we offer.
In case you would like to test the FIDO2 setup with USB devices, you could use Nitrokey FIDO2 for now, through a regular USB connection.
Works with mobile phones (through USB OTG) as well in Google Chrome.
From the mobile applications supporting OpenPGP smart cards I am aware of OpenKeychain, which works with Nitrokey Pro, Nitrokey Start and Nitrokey Storage.