All of a sudden, Warning: Encrypted volume is not secure

It seems like my Nitrokey Storage has somehow been corrupted or reset. It worked fine yesterday, but today my data has disappeared.

Is there anything I can do to recover the data? The app just tells me to initialize the device.

First question: Was the lost data stort on an encrypted volume or on a hidden volume?
When it was on an hidden volume it could be overwritten by the usage of other volumes, further information’s are in the documentation.

When it was an normal encrypted volume the volume could destroyed by:

  • Creating new keys
  • Place a hidden volume in a wrong place, so that the hidden volume overwrite vital data on the encrypted volume
  • Unplug the usb device without a dismount

Before working the next time with the device it is useful to back up the unlocked volume.

An option to see what happened is to unlock the volume and to look with a disk tool (likeWinHey, or what happened with the data.

Also you can use run an repair software on an unlocked volume and try to recover the data.