Amazon website and TOTP (how to set up)

I have a nitrokey pro. unfortunately I do not really understand how to activate the totp in Amazon. :scream:
It is a tragedy, I am too dumb!
They give you a key.
They give you the information it is “time based”.
But then they say: for account name give your complete email.
Actually this is the source of my confusion: with e.g. the name given to the slot is not read AFAIK by the provider. So, is this different with Amazon? Do they refer to the name given to the slot?
I haven’t seen another place to put an “account name”.
So I guess they refer to the email they ask for login with password (and 2nd factor which is currently send by sms).
But I do not understand how to set up the nitrokey app with the amazon website.
I did set: TOTP and did put the key (do I have to take out the spaces?)
I do not understand what accountname they are referring to and were following them, I have to put the mail address?
If somebody here did already manage to set it up, I would be taker, thank you in advance.


Indeed it seems to be buried a little.

For my account:

  1. Select Account -> Login & security
  2. Select Enroll a 2SV authenticator
  3. Select Authenticator App
  4. Click Can't scan the barcode? (just under the QR code)
  5. Select and copy the secret (e.g. MH6L JOLQ KQLZ SX2V GLCF QNB4 CXIM QIAZ 5CLX QNB4 CXIM QIAZ 5CLX)
  6. In Nitrokey App edit chosen TOTP slot, select secret type base32 and paste it.
  7. Enter name for the slot and save it.

Longer secret keys, as with Amazon, are supported by Nitrokey Pro from version v0.8. I do not remember the current state for the Nitrokey Storage. See below link for the ticket:

Thank you this solved the issue.
Actually you have to gain focus (thus to click into the “cannot scan the barcode thingy” to see the popup).
The rest is straighforward. Amazon refers very misleading to an “email address” as a name. With the nitrokey app this is not necessary as the name of the slot can be arbitrary e.g. Amazontotp etc
Important is to take off the “spaces”, in the signature, for what I have seen.

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Indeed, in Nitrokey App v1.3.2 and older one needs to remove the extra characters from the secret key. This is fixed since Nitrokey App v1.4 (it will remove the whitespace by itself).