Android 6 (Marshmmallow) and Nitrokey => Solution for Keyboard Issue


As I mentioned in the post (Nitrokey Storage and Open Keychain => Lack of power supply?) I had a problem with the touch keyboard and the Nitrokey Storage.

The Nitrokey registered himself as a keyboard when pluged, and so the soft keyboard disapears stopping you from typing any text (like text to encrypt or even the pin number).

You can change this behavior in the settings:
Language and Input(Sprache und Eingabe) =>Current Keyboard(Aktuelles Keyboard) => Hardware show input method (Hardware Eingabemethode anzeigen). Then there will be a button that you can type to display the touch keyboard, and to enter your pin.


Hi Planetcat,

as far as I know we do not yet support OTG devices officially. But I will see, if I can still write short instructions for Android devices on the website, including your really helpful tips. Thank you very much for your work!

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Hi @nitroalex,

thats why I’m posting my experiences here ;). For me it was a big plus point of the nitrokey to use encryption on every device I own without spreading the secret key, although Android OTG is not supported officially.
For this purpose I’m also developing an app for NK Storage based on the open source app LesserPad, with the purpose to make crypto operations on text files and photos very fast (kind of a note app) where I plan to store notes, contacts, passwords encrypted with OpenKeychain as a crypto provider directly on the NK storage.
Target is to plug NK to phone, make a fast note, unplug NK and for example plug it to PC and read note.



that is really kind. I did added a short note in the instructions on the website

Thank you again for letting us know.

It is great that you try to add new functions for the NK! Good to see an active community using the Nitrokey!

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@Planetcat We would like to mention your App in our documentation. Please let us know, once it is ready for a wider audience.


@jan Sure, I’ll tell you when it’s ready.