Anonymous order?

Hi, I’m new here.
this may be a stupid question, but I did not find it answered here.

Why does Nitrokey not allow “anonymous” orders?
Why are German “Packstation” not allowed and why do I have to give an eMail-Address during order?

This order links a name to a postal-address to an eMail and also payment information.
And everything to one Nitrokey.

I think this should not be necessary.

Can I go somewhere and buy a Nitrokey for hard cash (, wearing my tinfoil hat :wink: ) ?

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During ordering you can enter any name but make sure that the shipment arrives you.

Because we don’t ship with DHL and Packstation are a DHL-only system.

So that we can send you the order confirmation, invoice and shipment notifications and that we can reach you, just in case.

Unfortunately not (yet). We won’t offer over-the-counter selling but we would be happy if any other store starts reseling Nitrokeys.

Thank you Jan, for this quick and comprehensible answer.

Eventually once you can publish the local resellers we can trust.
In my opinion, the eMail should be optional in the order-process.

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