Any chance to get an even smaller Nitrokey 3 Mini?

I have a Nitrokey 3 Mini and a Solokey SOMU.
I love the form factor of the SOMU, which protrudes the laptop case only by a fraction of a millimeter. It can stay in the USB port all the time and is not in danger of getting destroyed.

The Nitrokey 3 Mini is way larger than that, and I would not trust it to stay in the USB port continuously and not breaking.

Sadly, the SOMU is not a future-proof option, as firmware development is discontinued, and I also assume that the hardware isn’t produced anymore.

If there would be a nitrokey “micro” with the SOMU form factor, I’m sure I’d buy at least 5 of them :slight_smile:

Any chance to make that happen? The NK3 Mini already proves that the µC can fit in that form factor, and the SOMU hardware design is also open source.