Any ID for Nitrokey FIDO2

Today I’ve spotted a lonely Nitrokey in my letter box :slight_smile:

How is it possible to get an ID/any identifier off of the key?

  • I’ve found no S/N on the casing
  • looked at Windows’ “Device Manager” details - no ID found

I’d like to identify my key.
Thank you. displays a “Raw ID” and a public key - I do not know how many public keys fit on my FIDO2.

I see :slight_smile: Device Manager “Parent” property shows USB serial number.

It is a unique number inside Nitrokey GmbH? Is it the ID of the key?

The Nitrokey FIDO2 can store 50 keys. Yes, device serial number is unique.

Thank you @jan!

So the USB serial number is “the” serial number?


It could be checked with the pynitrokey as well:

sz@stumpy ~> nitropy fido2 list
*** Nitrokey tool for Nitrokey FIDO2 & Nitrokey Start
:: 'Nitrokey FIDO2' keys
205B329D304B: Nitrokey Nitrokey FIDO2 2.0.0
sz@stumpy ~> 
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