App says NK is not connected

I installed the NK snap App on Ubuntu and though it worked fine in the beginning, now that I desperately need to enter the encrypted partition, I can not enter it.
I am totally fed up with this very unreliable piece of xxxxxxxx
If I would live in Germany I would drop by the office and ask for my money back for two useless NK Storage keys… I can not rely to keep highly sensitive information safe but accessible.
I am fed up with the very unfriendly usability for common reasonable technical users but unfamiliar terminal handlings to program the damn thing.
This NK is not for non technical or faintly familiar technical users. Highly unreliable.
And I will shout this from any social network so other people will safe some money.
It should say on this site first page that the product is not ready and reliable yet.

PS. I paid 392.74 Euro for two Nitrokey Storage keys in bitcoin and I am willing to send them back to you if you send me my money back in Bitcoins first.

I am not sure what is your intention. If you would like to get the money back, please write to support email address.
Otherwise, to solve the issue, I cannot help you if you do not state the Nitrokey App and Storage firmware versions. Blind shot: if you had updated the Storage device lately, it might block you from further use of Encrypted Volume due to the security issue, which was described in the newsletter. In that case you would have to flash previous firmware - but please do not make this in haste and instead write more information here.

@Eric_Criens Of course technical issues are disappointing but this tone doesn’t help. If you don’t state at least basic information, we can’t help you. Nevertheless our devices work for thousands of users without issues.

I have had similar issues, and discovered that the snap version (the one in Ubuntu software center) doesn’t recognize the NK, but it works when I install from a ppa.
There are probably some udev permissions not being set correctly or something.

Mods: I can make a new thread about this issue, if you like?

/A happy user

Hi Stefan_M,

it seems like the current Snap image is indeed not working correctly. Please use previous version by typing the following in a terminal:

sudo snap refresh nitrokey-app --revision=19 --devmode

We are further investigation the cause of this issue. Thanks for letting us know!

Kind regards


Created #379 issue to track this further. Same configuration was used to build this and previous release. Perhaps Snap dev team changed something regarding hardware privileges (e.g. missing some plug) at the time of build.