Application missing in template! (gpk-update-viewer.desktop) after upgrade fedora-36

After upgrading fedora-36 I got in the settings of the template cube under tab applications in selected: ‘application missing in template! (gpk-update-viewer.desktop)’. Under services ‘qubes-update-check’ is enabled (and no net cube is assigned).

When I go to the Cubes logo top left > template: fedora-36 > fedora-36: Software then in the ‘updates’ tab I get ‘No Connection’. When I click ‘network Settings’ and go to ‘network’ I see ‘Oops, something has gone wrong. Please contact your software vendor. NetworkManager needs to be running’.

sudo journalctl -u NetworkManager.service tells me
Network Manager was skipped because of a failed condition check (ConditionPathExists=var/run/ques-service/network-manager).

When I enable network manager in the ‘services’ (I am not sure if this is the right thing to do) and go back to ‘updates’ I get an error: failed to get update details: PackageKit daemon disappeared.

So after the update I cannot install software anymore. Any suggestions on how to solve this ?
I also tried to install fedora-37 template but after updating it is the same issue.

Is this a known bug ?


P.S. installing software in the work or personal appVM’s is working fine but they use the sys-firewall netcube and the installation is not persistent.

P.S.2 I found out that the recommended way of installing software is through the ‘gpk-application’ command. See How to install software | Qubes OS so maybe the way of installing software with the ‘software’ application is not supposed to be working ?