"Attempts Left: 0" | Is the key dead/salvageable?


I recently forgot my NitroKey passcode and must have ran up the attempts tracker/ticker.

The “Attempts Left” message now states 0. Is my Nitrokey salvageable?
I finally found the original sheet of paper I wrote my pin onto.

If I cannot access the data from the key anymore, can I at least factory reset it?

Device Used: NitroKey Pro 2

Hey @hjhfhda

sure, you can factory-reset it, please see this docs on how to do it:

Yeah, I have done this before, it is actually possible.
If you do it in the bios of a nitropad, it will be somewhat more annoying. But if push comes to shove, you can if you want.

I recommend trying @daringer’s advice. If it works, feel free to mark solved or give some indication of it helping.