Attestation for Nitrokey 3

According to the NitroKey 3 FAQ on Azure Entra ID and the Certificates page it appears NitroKey 3 does not have any attestation.

Are there any plans to provide attestation for NitroKey 3?

Background: I tried to use my NitroKey 3C for the new swiss government authentication platform ( and it fails with the error “Attestation not trusted” - although they only specify that FIDO2/WebAuthn is required.

Also it would be great if there were at some note on the product page for future buyers regarding the attestation status of NitroKey 3. Because I get the feeling more and more platforms are requiring attestation :frowning:

Hey @mech,

yes, we are currently working on a L1 FIDO-Alliance certification - this will help already, but so far we know many of the government platforms want L2 - this is clearly planned but for L2 I cannot share a clear roadmap yet.


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Hi @daringer, thanks for your fast reply. Great to hear.

By the way, least for this swiss gov platform it appears they also support L1 certified keys like the Token2 T2F2. So L1 certification for the Nitrokey 3 would be enough, it’s “only” the attestation that’s missing … :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work :muscle:

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