Availability of NK FIDO?


I just remembered that the last communication around the FIDO was the availability in “autumn” 2017. So I placed a reminder for the 1st of November. Now it looks like you moved out the delivery to “Winter” as I can see in your shop. Do you think I can still get it before the holiday break ?

If that’s not the case could you evaluate a bit, why you needed to delay the delivery ?! Would be helpful to understand and also to get a better expectation setting how you define “Winter” :smiley:

We still don’t have a delivery date yet. I’m sorry for the delay.

We have 100 hardware samples available but the firmware is not ready yet because we had to hire another developer for it. We are progressing but still can’t commit to an exact delivery date.

Ah, ok - too bad, but that’s life.
Thanks for the open communication - it is just good to know what to expect. So tear drops are not falling under the Christmas tree :smiley:

Enjoy the break and a great start into 2018 !