Backing-up dongle against loss or damage

How do I backup my dongle against lost or damage? I envisage buying two keys and keeping one in my house safe and the other on my key ring. I want to backup once a week.

A further thought…

Ideally, what I would like is to plug both dongles into the same machine and then have them synchronise with each other. Is that possible?

I guess you are talking about synchronizing files stored on Nitrokey Storage devices, right? Backup would be the same as with any other USB drive. We don’t provide any special tool and you can choose any backup software or write your own scripts.

We are going to create a FAQ entry with several suggestions (with different security and availability levels) for how to do that.

The general problem is: If you store a key only on two Nitrokeys and one of them breaks or you lose it then you are mor or less in the same situation as if you had bought only one Nitrokey because you cannot create a new Nitrokey with the same key then. You always need a software copy (which you may protect with the Nitrokeys) in order to be able to create replacement Nitrokeys.