Boot Hash Mismatch on Nitropad X230

Heads boot menu shows HOTP as Success and TOTP: 019760.
After pressing default boot I get a prompt:

ERROR: Boot has mismatch
The following files failed the verification process:
This could indicate a compromise

Full story:
When I opened laptop after leaving it unattended it had many multiple red prompts saying key is not inserted or some thing like that so I restarted the laptop.
(This was the second time I ever opened the nitropad after I had setup qubes with a password and left it on unattended.)

When I restarted the main boot menu it showed success and nitrokey was green so I pressed default boot. Then the prompt showed up as shown above. Was that prompt because I had set up a new password?

I am about to factory reset the OEM should I also factory reset the Qubes software?
Also The instructions on say I should insert another usb to copy a security key. 1. Is this necessary if I didn’t even configure anything yet 2. What should I format the usb before plugging it in APFS/ Mac OS Journaled/ MS DOS FAT/ ExFAT?
3. At the end it says to copy the key from the usb to the computer where exactly would I be putting that key since I am using qubes, does it matter where?

Thank you in advance!