Can you change app OS in NK storage?

I use 2 computers one windows 10 and one Fedora 25. Will I be able to store data on one, change the app’s OS and keep the data so I can transfer it to the other?

And change back and forth at will?

Doubt I’d need to do it very often but it would be very useful…

Also, I’m assuming I can run a live OS from it like Tails, that’d be possible?


Hi code9n,

I am not sure if I understood what you want to gain, but I try to answer how I read it…

You can use the NK storage on multiple OS. You only need the App-Version for the right OS and the filesystem in use should be readable on both OS (e. g. FAT32 or exFAT).

I tried the installation of a Archlinux live system on my NK storage. Works without any problems. Basically you can use the unencrypted volume as any other stick. But you can not boot from the encrypted volume.

Kind regards