Can you use nitrokey 3 with bitlocker instead of manually typing in a password?

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I’m new to these products and would really appreciate some help with the right search terms / where to look for answers to the following :slightly_smiling_face::

  1. When you first turn a windows PC on, can you use a nitrokey 3 to authenticate with bitlocker instead of manually typing in a password? I tried searching for “nitrokey” “bitlocker” on google but couldn’t find too much.

  2. If your PC does not have NFC capabilities, can you do authenticate with bitlocker in the manner above using an “nfc reader”, if that is the correct term? e.g. omnikey. I like the idea of an NFC reader as it reduces wear on USB ports / user error and is more convenient.

This would make my life easier and my parents would find it really useful as they struggle to remember passwords for the above scenarios.

We also use bitwarden on our phones (pixel 3a) and computers. I think nitrokey three nfc would be nice as for second factor authentication here also.

Hi @onwardpolka!

  1. From my quick search it looks like BitLocker supports only PIV and a direct password entering. These are on our list long term, but initially we aim for FIDO2 and OpenPGP. This means the support for the BitLocker should come in the future firmware updates either way. Alternatively you should be able to use FDE with Truecrypt, which does support OpenPGP.
  2. While the NFC support will be there on Nitrokey 3 for the FIDO2, I am not sure about OpenPGP at the moment. We will keep that in mind.

cc @jan

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the response!

I have pre ordered nitrokey 3 as I like the idea for use bitwarden (pixel 3a and desktop computer).

I will keep my fingers crossed for other features in the future!

Thanks for the tip about veracrypt/truecrypt.

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