Can you use pynitrokey-app with older packages?

Is it possible to use this on the older versions of nitrokey? The ones before Nitrokey 2?

Also, do you know where the requirement aspect for building from source is? I wanted to try lowering the requirements, on my end, for my specific usage, because it is refusing to build as of now. The version of python I have is a bit too old. Its 3.8.5

But sometimes blocking people from building from source because of old dependencies, which is annoying, because it can be built otherwise anyhow and used.

Anywho, just wondering if anyone knows how I can do these two things.

Dear @zapper, the Nitrokeys older than Nitrokey 2 are not supported anymore.
The pynitrokey-app uses the pynitrokey package internally, which requires at least Python 3.9.
Using an older version of Python is not officially supported. Having that said, you can checkout the dependencies of both packages in their respective pyproject.toml files. Pynitrokey also requires libnitrokey to be installed.

Gotcha, good to know.

Just curious, but do you guys plan to change the dependencies for python and other packages more frequently? Just wondering as it would be kind of annoying if this happened a lot. :wink:

I’m not aware of any upcoming major changes, but of course we sometimes need to update dependencies for different reasons. Also expect the minimum Python version to be raised at some point.

Personally I would not recommend to invest the time, but instead look into building an executable with pyinstaller on a more recent system. This would include most of the dependencies, including the interpreter. You can then port it to your system, without having to mess with your Python installation.

That actually wasn’t my point, some projects, like nextcloud, for example, keep making their dependencies require newer every 2-4releases, (3 I think was more common) Last I checked anyhow…

Regarding building using qt, etc…

It didn’t matter when each release happened either. Every month, it seemed like they raised the dependencies just to be annoying.

Even owncloud, which was annoying and more corporate, never did that.

So that is what this stems from. :wink:

I don’t know how often per year nitropy will do the same.

I did figure out how to build it tho. The guide you guys have, seemed to have fixed for now. I forget what I did about the python part, but meh… no worries lol.

In any case, this is the answer I sought:

Both of these are of use to my problem