Cannot access my nextbox from anywhere

desktop client phones and tablet cant access my nextbox anywhere any suggestion on how to get it working again ?

thank you

Did it worekd before, if yes what changed? What does not work me did you get any Error message?

It worked for me before very nicely

But after my wifi extender broke i had it at a friend’s house until i could find a suitable replacement

At my friends they said
The nextbox overtook their whole network at they could not do anything so they turned it off

After that i have tried start it up multiple times trying push the reset button shortly in case it went into maintenance mode

That did not work
So now i had to reset my nextbox and restore it from old backup

And it’s working again

So this is solved? or you still have problem to access it

Not really solved because I had to rest the nextbox

But I will put what I did as a solution