Cannot use Pro 2 with arch linux

I just got a Nitrokey Pro 2 and have problems using it. I installed nitrokey-app and ccid and added the udev rule. Then I tried all kinds of combinations of starting the app and plugging it in and rebooting. But I always get “Nitrokey is not connected” from the app.

I also looked at lsusb and dmesg -w but nothing is ever shown. I tried on two arch linux computers. In the docu it sais that under MacOS some dialog is ment to pop up, but even that does not happen with my friends MacBook.

Is my stick dead? Or am I missing something?

Hey @hello_its_me

this does not sound good,
generally at least it should appear in dmesg, if you plug it into a USB port.

If this does not happen, please write to support (at) nitrokey (dot) com together with your Order ID (SOxxxxxx).


Just for the sake of completeness: I did send back my Pro 2, got a new one, and it works.